Things to know about the online Trademark Registration Process

A trademark is a visual representation of a name, word, label, device, or numerical character used to distinguish it from its goods and / or other similar goods services and / or services received from various businesses. A trademark acts as a unique identification of goods and / or services that a person offers / sells from other such goods / services. Once a trademark is registered it is an intangible asset or intellectual property for the business that is used to secure the company’s investment in the brand or ideogram. Things to know about the online Trademark Registration in Salem is what we are going to be discussed in this article.

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Trademark Registration in salem can be done once the trademark has been specified for the goods and services provided. Tendered trademarks that already exist are the same as registered trademarks or may be registered. In addition, trademarks that are misleading, common, abusive, similar, containing only secure symbols, etc. cannot be registered.

Things to know

In India, trademarks can be registered online through the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks. Trademarks are registered under the rules of the Trademarks Act, 1999. Registration gives you the right to sue anyone who tries to copy your trademark. The trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of registration and can be re-registered after expiration. With all the technological advances, trademark registration in salem can be done easily with the help of a registered trademark attorney.

E-filing of trademark application

E-filing a trademark application is a simple process. The applicant has to log in to the website portal first. New users will have to register while old users can log in with their username and password or their digital signature. Upon successful login, the username and its username code will be displayed. Both international, as well as domestic trademarks, can be filed through this website portal.

Applicant’s name, nationality and address are required. If there is any kind of partnership, the details of each partner should be submitted along with the mention of any minor, if present.

  • Details of goods and services attached to the registration must be submitted.
  • Soft copy of trademark for registration.
  • Translation of all non-English words is required.
  • Date of initial use of the trademark.
  • If the submitted application is to claim authority for a previously filed application, details of that application are also required.

Anyone who has shown authority over a trademark can apply for registration of its mark for goods as well as services.Anybody whose business falls under the jurisdiction of India can apply for trademark registration in salem.If the place of business is outside India, a lawyer associated with the proprietor present in India may apply for a trademark office fee.In the case of a company, any application can apply but it should be to the advantage of the company.

Checklist for trademark registration

  • Must be able to present the selected trademark in paper form or graphically.
  • The trademark must be different in every way, which means it must be able to distinguish its goods and services from others.
  • It should be used to build a connection between the people and the person offering the goods or services. This means that trademarks are used to promote trade.

Advantages of trademark registration

The biggest advantage of being a registered trademark is being able to protect one’s brand as well as one’s business by providing compassion for one’s business. In addition, having a strong brand ensures as a direct link between the customer and the product that they are trusted and permanently engaged in the business.

There are many other benefits, for example,

A trademark registration in salem is good and gives credit to the source of the service. A registered trademark guarantees good quality and service. Registered trademarks assist in the advertisement of goods as well as services.

Importance of trademark registration

As it is clear from the above how beneficial it is to register a trademark while running a business, let us now understand the importance of registration:

TM provides a distinctive identity

Since the market has seen more and more crowds of companies and brands, it has become impossible to differentiate between them. Therefore, the only demarcation between companies for exclusivity in order to attract customers to stand out is to get a registered trademark for one’s brand and consequently enhance the reputation of the business on it.

TM never ends

Online Trademark registration in salem as mentioned above comes with a validity of 10 long years which can be renewed very easily every 10 years before expiration and therefore, the trademark is alive or the trademark can last longer!

TM shield works

It is fundamental for every entrepreneur to ensure that their brand is protected against competition. Now, if a person is working to create a trademark that is already a online registered trademark by a person, he not only loses business and goodwill in that market, but also loses the convenience of restricting others from using the same trademark. Therefore, protecting the trademark will protect the trademark / business, which further helps the person by preventing others from using the same trademark.

Types of Trademark Symbols

TM’s symbol

This symbol indicates the brand name when your trademark is not registered and the status of the application is pending. This demonstrates its authority over the brand and the claim is based on the outcome of the trademark registration in salem.

‘SM’ symbol

It helps to identify the source of service rather than the product. Which means TM is for production and SM is for service.

‘R’ symbol

This symbol indicates that the trademark is registered online and indicates that a certificate of registration has been issued by the Registrar.

Latest News

State-owned Khadi Village Industries Corporation under the Prevention Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property can prevent international trademarks for khadi from masquerading any product nationally or globally as khadi.

KIVC is fighting cases in many countries, including Germany, for violating the Khadi Mark rule. Rules issued by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in 2013 empower KICI to register a ‘Khadi Mark’ and collect royalties from any manufacturer using the Khadi Mark. In 2015, KIC slapped a fine of about Rs 600 crore on garment retailing chain Fabindia for marketing of khadi mill fabric, which is ideally cut by hand.