Process of trademark registration

1) Trademark Search

It takes 1 day to complete the search. Firstly, we have to choose the trademark. It must ensure that the intended trademark should not identical with the registered one. The trademark search is applicable in online and trademark office. The trademark search by an experienced lawyer is advisable. Thus Solubilis offer experienced trademark attorneys to check each of their client request. After the search gets over make an application with prescribed format.

2) Filing the TM-1

It takes 2 days to complete. The registration application should contain the following particulars,

  • • Information of the trademark owner
  • • Mark already taken
  • • List of goods and services for the trademark is used
3) Use of your Trademark

Now you can use the mark but only you can able to use the mark with registered symbol is up to 2 years when everything goes smoothly.

4) Issuing the examination report

Here the questioning process gets start on your claim to the trademark. The government clarifies if the application has any objections. If there are no objections on the application made, then the letter of acceptance will get published. If there is any objection, you can challenge it by providing 3000 as lawyer’s fee. The objection rise only because,

  • • The proposed mark is similar with any of the existing one
  • • The word used for the trademark is harmful, illegal and hurt the sentimental feelings of others.

The lawyers raise the response to the objections. Thus it is mandatory that the lawyer is well knowledge about the business activities. If the government rejected the application then the mark is eligible to advertise in the mark journal.

5) Advertisement in the Trademark Journal

The mark will be advertised in the journal once the application is accepted. Thus it gives the opportunity of the third person to oppose the mark. The registered trademark is applicable to 10 years and further we can renew it. If the proposed trademark is not opposed by anyone within 4 months after its publications the certificate is issued within 6-10 months. If there are any objections raised by any third party, then it takes more time to get the registered certificate.

Documents Of Trademark Registration

  • The name, address, and nationality of the applicant.
  • To signify that all goods or services bearing the trademark come from a single source.
  • For a company, the country and the state of incorporation need to be mentioned.
  • A list should be provided for the goods and services that are to be registered.
  • A soft copy of the trademark should be produced.
  • If the mark has non-English words, that all need to be translated in English.
  • Priority claim based on the Date of the application, country of the application & application number.
  • Date of the trademark been used.
  • Power of Attorney which is simply signed by the Applicant.


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