About Us

Trademark is the visual symbol; name, numbers or a device used by a business to represents the goods and services. Solubilis act as the best market leader for trademark registration in Salem in the last 10 years. The brand is the intangible assets or the intellectual property for a business and it is mainly to protect the goods and services. The trademark should be distinctive then only it gets registered. If the proposed trademark is identical with any other mark, then it may not applicable for registration. Trademark can be registered in India with the help of Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of commerce and Industry, Government of India under the Trademark Act,1999. Once we get the registration certificate then we can use the R symbol for 10 years. We can renew the application for another 10 years with the renewal form.


To be the best service providers in all corner of business legalities. Time, quality service providing is our primary Motto.


To explore the finest services in all parts of India with our reputed name. "Solubilis" name insist our quality.


We produce more than thousand registration within a yearIt adds the special feather to us .


Get one stop solution for all the business registrations and legal compliances with the support of our Solubilis.